In addition to the articles you can read here, I’ve also had the pleasure of writing and answering readers’ questions for Who Do You Think You Are? magazine. Some of the articles are listed below.

  • 2014 The Complete Guide to Tracing Your First World War Ancestors p.40 (Where can I find out if my ancestor was a nurse during the War?)
  • September 2016 issue 117 p.45
  • November 2016 issue 119 p.41 (Who were the parents of my pioneering policeman ancestor Robert Dunn?)
  • Summer 2017 issue 125 p.40 (How can I trace my husband’s ancestor back further?)
  • August 2017 issue 129 p.43 (Can you tell me more about my elusive grandfather?)
  • October 2017 issue131 p.40 (What happened to Frank Bates?)
  • January 2020 issue 160 p.41 (Can you tell me anything about my forebear?)