I wanted to let 
you know that your report arrived and was given to Tim, who was 
delighted with it! It apparently answered some questions he had had 
and of course provided a lot of new information.
I’m so impressed, in fact, that I think I would like to ask you to do 
some research about my family.

OMG are you serious? You actually have a copy of their marriage license. Please send me a bill. I will gladly send you the money via PayPal.
I am so excited. Really I wish my mom were still alive. We have been looking forever. Thank You! Thank You!

I have just read the article in the July edition (WDYTYA) by Stephen Thomas, on my brick wall question. Really good and I would like to send him an email to thank him for all his work, and also to you as well. If I am not allowed to correspond direct with him, would you be kind enough to let him know I am really grateful for his work – 15 years and a result!! – Graham W

Just a line to thank you for the brilliant article about John Hannay – it has broken through the brick wall and helped to show light on a long standing mystery!
Incidentally his daughter Lilian married Edwin Henman and sailed off to Canada in 1912 to take up the Government’s offer of land. They had many adventures there and had two children, one of which was my wife’s father.
Once again many thanks for the article – please pass my thanks on to Stephen Thomas – P. Jones.